Extended Indicators WIP

The Extended Indicators mod will show a player icon on your HUD at all times no matter how far away the other players are. This will point to their direction showing you where they are in the world.

Includes a config option that lets you enable / disable the indicators, adjust their size or change the max range of it.

**CURRENTLY ONLY WORKS FOR THE HOST OF THE SERVER**I’m still developing this mod and am looking into ways to make it work properly for both the host and client computers.

If you have any feedback with suggestions or if you find any bugs please tell me so i can try to address them.

To Do List:1. Add configurable distance before the indicator disappears.
2. show player icons on the map.
3. Make it work properly on both the host and client computers.
4. Make a optional configuration that will use a craftable item to enable the indicators, sort of like a player scanner so at first you won’t easily be able to find people. (possibly upgradable increasing the scanner range.)
5. Option to only make the indicators show if a button is held down.
6. There seems to be a small bug where the indicators don’t show up for new players who join the server until they go on screen with you at least one time. Probably not too hard to fix.
7. Show player distances under the icons, possible to have a config option to only display this if you hover over the icon.

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