EMERALDSEmeralds always glow, and they are very durable (more than thulecite). You can create 3 different items using this material.
If you want to get them, you need to go cave, ruins and/or magma biome and find emerald rocks. These rocks have their own map icon. They are rare in caves/magma, and occasionally in ruins. If you manage to destroy them (16 actions!), you will get 6 emeralds.

EMERALD GUARDIAN+ Your beloved guardian!
+ Crafting – 25 emeralds, 10 slurtle slime
+ 1500HP and 40 DMG
+ gives a small radius of light
+ He’s a figher, he won’t help you in chopping and mining!
+ You can give him commands “stay” or “follow”

EMERALD SWORD+ it deals 80 damage!
+ it has twice uses than thulecite mace!
+ works as a axe (chopping)
+ it gives tiny radius of emerald light

EMERALD ARMOR+ it has 50% more durability than thulecite armor!
+ it gives medium radius of emerald light

EMERALD CROWN+ it gives big radius of emerald light
+ works like armor. It has 50% more durability than thulecite crown
+ slows you down by 10%

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