DST Storm Cellar

Note: If some of the slots are off screen or hidden by the crafting menu,go ingame main screen to options\settings\hud and lower the hud size.

The Storm Cellar is fireproof.

The Storm Cellar is a massive storage hole with 80 slots

The Storm Cellar has fridge function with option to disable if ya want.

The Storm Cellar is craftable under the Structures Tab

Recipe = 20 cut stone,20 wood flooring and 1 gold shovel

There are 2 condfigurations for the slots

Default 5×16

8×10 for low resolution monitors.

Added workable option in mod config. If Nope is chosen in the config, the Storm Cellar can only be destroyed with a Destruction Staff. This option makes the Storm Cellar Giant and Meteor proof.

Note: For those who think this is unbalanced

9 Chest with 81 slots = 108 logs

1 Storm Cellar with 80 slots = 80 logs ,60 rocks ,4 twigs and 1 gold nugget

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