[DST] Musha

[DST] Puppy Princess Musha
(The “DST” version and the “SINGLE” versions are different!)


  • With fighting and eating You can gain levels. Level up faster with better food and tougher enemies.
  • Various special abilities and increased basic and special stats as level increases (RPG style).
  • Four character states/styles (Full, Normal, Valkyrie, Berserk)
  • She studied royal-education when she was a child. (Crafting Book)
  • She is a true princess on the inside as well as on the outside. Therefore, basic damage is 55% of the other characters.
  • Her nose is very sensitive. She HATES not as fresh, or spoiled food.
  • If she kills and enemy, and she recives XP, she will replenish a little bit of her sanity.

Infomation key: Status (L) – Skill (K) – Hold visual (P)(O) -Sleep badge key (N)
Order to Yamche: Follow (Z), Battle (V), Gather(B)
Active Skills: Lightning/Valkyrie (R), Hide/Backstab (G), Shield (C), Music/Sniff (X), Sleep/Wakeup(T)


  • Musha’s unique Phoenix companion.
  • Hatch his egg and grow him through 8 stages.
  • Many special abilities and fuctions.
  • [Follow or Stay] : hotkey (Z)
  • [Battle Command] : hotkey (V)
  • [Gathering stuff] : hotkey (B) -Debug key(N)


  • Musha’s unique Beefalo companion.
  • Hatch his egg and grow him.
  • Many special abilities and fuctions.
  • [Follow or Stay] : hotkey (F1)


  • Musha’s unique Tree companion.
  • Many special abilities and fuctions.
  • [Follow or Stay] : hotkey (F2)


  • Items can be grown and repairing.
  • Many special options.

[ How can I hatch the Phoenix egg? ][Phoenix Egg] Takes about 2days to hatch.
Keep the egg at the right temperature
(*Keep it close to the fire at night * Keep it away from it at daytime)
*Fast hatch : cook the egg by campfire.
[Yamche died! What should i do? ]Yamche doesn’t completely disappear whe he dies.
If Yamche somehow dies, he can go back to the previous level as an egg
(If you had a Lvl 5 Yamche, for example, then he will be a Lvl 4 as an egg)
[How can i grow/ level up Yamche? ]Yamche can level up in the same way as Musha. Yamche gets EXP from eating food or getting kills.
Better food is more likely to give EXP.
Yamche will only get EXP for a kill, if he did the ending blow the the enemy.
[ Musha doesn’t want to wake up! ]ou can sleep or wake up by pressing the “T” key
[My game just crashed?!]If your game crashes while using my mod, do the following:
Remove all other mods => only activate my mod => check your game if you can still recreate the crash
[incompatible mods]Some other mods are incompatible with my mod.
If you experience the following, do the steps above for troubleshooting.

  • 1. Simple crash issues
  • 2. Something bad happens when you cook or eat a Mandrake
  • 3. Yamche or Arong becomes invisible
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