Drops Reset Countdown

This is a simple mod that adds a collapsible Countdown Timer modal box to the Main Screen (and optionally to the Gameplay HUD). The timer will countdown to when Daily & Weekly Skin Drops reset. All times are automatically adjusted to your local timezone.

The mod has language support for English, Russian (Русский), Simplified Chinese (简体中文), and Traditional Chinese (繁體中文).

Latest Features:

  • Weekly Drops Counter (Note: Only counts drops that happen while the mod is enabled)
  • Total Spools and Total Skins indicator in the All Skins List modal and exported JSON file
  • Support for Vertical, Ultra-Wide (21:9), and Super Ultra-Wide (32:9) Displays
  • Scalable Modal (Up to 150% of its default size)
  • Skin Statistics (Hover over the Total Skins or Total Spools count to view)
  • Optional Auto-open Gift Box feature (disabled by default)
  • Skin Information Panel (Hover over a skin in the Curio Cabinet Skins List to view)

Daily Drop:

  • Green Text = Drop Available (Need to Re-login or Restart Game to Obtain Drop)
  • Yellow Text = Already Received Drop for the Day
  • Red Text = Drop Not Yet Available

Weekly Drops:

  • The active week of drops (i.e. the start and end date) will always be shown in Green Text

Weekly Drops Counter:

  • The counter only keeps track of drops you obtain while the mod is enabled.
  • The count updates when you get a weekly drop (i.e. when a gift icon appears in the top left)
  • Data is stored locally on each computer (file path: “<DST Directory>/data/dropsdata_KUID.json”) and is not synced online.
  • Note: If you change computers, delete the save file, get a drop while the mod isn’t enabled, or got drops before updating to Version 0.15 or later, the count that is displayed will be inaccurate.

Curio Cabinet Skins List (Optional):

  • Up to 12 recently obtained skins can be shown in the modal (see configuration options)
  • A timestamp of when each skin was acquired is shown in each row
  • A full list of all skins in your Curio Cabinet can be viewed by clicking the “Show All” button
  • Details of a skin (name, rarity, image, and description) are shown by hovering the mouse over the name of a skin in the full list
  • Skin Statistics (a breakdown of the number of skins owned per rarity) can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the Total Skins or Total Spools count
  • Skins that have been sold, spooled, traded, or trade inn-ed will disappear from both lists
  • Skin data can be exported to a file via the Export button. The JSON file will be generated in the DST Directory under the “/mod/workshop-1688661034/export/” folder

Auto-Open Gift Boxes (Optional; Disabled by Default)

  • Gift boxes that drop during gameplay will be automatically opened
  • Enabling this feature disables the overlay with the gift box opening animation
  • A clickable text notification is shown near the top of the screen when a gift box is auto-opened

Configurable Options:

  • Display your Current System Time: [Show / Hide]
  • Display the exact time of when Daily and Weekly Drops reset: [Show / Hide]
  • Clock Format: [12 Hour / 24 Hour]
  • Newest Skins List: [Show / Hide]
  • Number of Newest Skins to Show: [3 / 5 / 7 / 9 / 12]
  • Initial Modal Box State: [Collapsed / Expanded]
  • Modal Size in Main Menu: [Default / 105%-150%]
  • Add Modal Box to Gameplay HUD: [Yes / No]
  • Modal Size in Gameplay HUD: [Default / 105%-150%]
  • Auto-Open Gift Boxes: [Yes / No]
  • Language: [English / Русский / 简体中文 / 繁體中文]
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