Dragon knight V1.584

After a year , The Dragon Knight Mod release and meet you at last
Thank you for your always support, thank you : D
The MOD content:
1. Add characters Wendell, thank Ryanhurt (Tex)Character Abilities:
Health:1(After 7 days:120)
Before 7 days as normal characters, 8 days is for “Haunt” ability, not to be found by a lot of monsters, but also cannot attack directly, you can “Haunt” on other creatures, into them, and get some of their abilities
Currently supported “Haunt” creatures are:
All kinds of Spiders
All kinds of Chess Creatures
3 kinds of hounds

When you are dying to become a ghost mode, but you can also use a doll to out of this state (magic bar production), he can make unique statue of resurrection, but only in the condition of “Haunts” death to take effect.

V1.03 Wendell can make items when he in Haunt state
How to Unlocked:Kill “The Wilsons Soul”

“The Wilsons Soul”: During a full moon night,the “dead wilson” will become ghost
2. Add four new world, there are new creatures
3. Add buff systemPoison/Bleeding:You will continue to lose health, in the condition of poisoning death of loots fresh degree is reduced
Petrochemical: you can’t in the time before the arrival of action, but in the meantime you gain 50% of the defense bonus, when you get too much hurt, will remove petrochemical
Fear: your sanity will fall faster, fear when fighting sometimes may make you unable to act, as you fear “value” to a certain extent, it may be upgraded to Chaos, in addition to fear the effect of the Buff, every time you attack is likely to be hit by yourself
Slow: your movement speed reduced
Blindness: make your screen black, with blinding value increase (up to 10 layers), blinding conditions blinding degree of each layer to reduce 7% of your hit successfully chance

Cure: your health began to reply, at the same time the immune bleeding buff
Reinforcement: you got 50% of the bonus to defence, at the same time the immune petrochemical buff
Acceleration: your movement speed increase, while the immune speeddown buff
God Body: you will be immune to all debuff, (equipment Algiz rune)

4. The monster to strengthenGame original creatures’ health, damage has been improved, and some creatures attack will carry some debuff (such as bats may make you bleeding or poisoning)

5. Hard mode (in mod menu Settings are open, closed by default)Reply your sanwei will be halved, at the same time, there will be a boneman attacks

6. Add 8 more difficult BOSS(in the new world)
7. The store system————————————————————-
Only Support ROG Game MODE !!!
If you encounter problems or have Suggestions or comments to the feedback, please give me the message below, I will deal with as soon as possible…
I‘ll add a new character in next version…And may make it compatible with ds and sw[/h1]

You Can Unlock The Character Wyn Now
Add A New Boss:Dr.Yang

Fixed Some Bugs…
Enter The Cod:0DWNFULK0 ,Now You Can Get A Pet Nightfury Through The Egg

Fixed Some Bugs…
Add HotSpring…
Add A New Map And Other Things…

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