Devon, the Hunter.


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Devon is really just a character from a personal project that I like to make for most games. He’s fast and nimble, but he can’t take a hit worth a damn. He’s also fairly insane as it is, suffering from hallucinations of a near-death experience, so he fit pretty well into Don’t Starve.

Hunger=100 (drains slowly)
Sanity=50 (drains quickly at night)
High walk/run speed
High attack speed, low melee damage, but high ranged damage (Special thanks to Alex for this tweak)

Of the Lake People addition (v2.3):
– High tolerance of heat, but a weakness to cold
– Loves the rain and doesn’t even try to stay dry! No sanity loss in rain or from wetness. Gets wet very easily and takes longer to get dry.

Death-Touched addition (v3.1):
– Panic Attacks: randomly (between a few hours to a few days)

Other things:
– Full custom art and dialogue!
– Devon is now voiced by a rough banjo!

Devon is a greedy bastard and very specially trained as a thief and hunter – it’s pretty much all he can do. He’s extremely quick and lightfooted, but he’s very weak and, honestly, stupid. During a robbery, he was near-fatally injured by a trap. It triggered a near-death experience involving an enormous, endless, centipedal boar that crushed him in it’s worm-like prehensile hairs. Since then, he has been plagued by hallucinations and paranoia of the memory. Funfact: Devon is HIGHLY misanthropic, which makes him basically stuck in a puddle of self loathing. Wholly convinced that his birth species is worthless, he tries to hide it with concealing clothing, a specially implanted beard, and, during a drunken dispair, by gouging out some distinctive markings. Despite his attempts, he can’t eascape both the psychological and physiological aspects of his species.

Devon’s specially trained pet that helps him steal sh*t and keeps him company. She is his best friend and he keeps her from any danger for fear of losing her. He never goes anywhere without his Birdy.

At the moment, she is just a hat, but I am working toawrds making her a full companion. She can be worn as a hat for a significant sanity boost. She also offers an even higher sanity boost when placed on the ground and stood near, but the radius is very small, so you need to cuddle up close. She also has a tiny warmth bonus from her fluffy bird butt when worn.

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