Craftable Tunnels

Adds craftable tunnels to the game. Tunnels act like wormholes and allow the player to make shortcuts on the map. Tunnels cannot be built underground. Comes with configurable recipe difficulty and sanity penalty.

Requires a science machine to build and can be found under the Town/Structures build menu. Tunnels will pair up automatically once two are built.

Flags will be colored once a pair is established, by default the flag will be white but once a pair is made a random color will be choosen. The colors are not hardcoded and thus an unlimited number of colors are available theoretically.

DST version coming soon.

NOTE: You’ll need 2x the mats to make two tunnels, the mats below are for just one tunnel

Recipe costs are a WIP and may change as I playtest and recieve feedback.


Boards, 4x
Rocks, 5x
Rope, 1x
Twigs, 2x
Shovel 1x


Boards, 4x
Rocks, 5x
Rope, 1x
Papyrus, 1x
Golden Shovel, 1x


Boards, 8x
Rocks, 10x
Rope, 1x
Papyrus, 2x
Golden Shovel, 1x

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