Craft Pot [DST]

Client mod that adds intuitive cook assisting interface to crock pot.

Doesn’t matter what server you join, modded crock pots, modded recipes, this mod serves them all on a plate and helps you cook whatever your heart desires by displaying the exact recipe.

What’s in this mod:
– 1. All cooking recipes (INCLUDING MODDED) are listed in a slider next to crock pot;
– 2. Hovering over recipe shows ingredient requirements for it as well as food status of the dish;
– 3. Filling crock pot with ingredients will gradually predict dishes you want to cook;
– 4. Recipe turns green if you put all the required ingredients, just fill crockpot with fillers and it’s done;
– 5. Recipe disappears from the list, if you put a bad ingredient;
– 6. Once crockpot is full, the resulting recipe will get painted teal. If you see more than one teal recipe, this means result is unpredictable, cooking will result in one of the highlighted dishes;
– 7. Mod works with any pot that takes 4 ingredients (including warly’s portable pot and any modded crockpot)
– 8. You do not need to restart game to make the mod work.
– 9. Full CONTROLLER support

Currently mode has following options:
– 1. lock uncooked, enabled by default. This option adds a ‘recipe lock’ simillar to the one in crafting menu, once you cooked an item, the lock disappears and hovering over the dish in the list will show it’s hunger/health/sanity values. You may disable and enable it at any time, the progress of cooking will be saved
– 2. Invert controller – by default craftpot scrollbar works with left wiggle (right wiggle used to move items around), checking invert controller makes it work with right wiggle (left wiggle used to move items around).
– 3. Ingredient Popup – by default it is shown, but you can hide it, so that there is only a slider with dishes, no popup with name or stats.

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