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Dont Starve Vanilla

Ice Maker 3000

Finally...crafting an ice maker in non-Shipwrecked worlds! ♡ Support us by dropping a like and adding it into your favourite! Most content of the mod are taken from the game and are edited with minimal departure from the original

Chinese (Improved) 中文支持加强版(华文新魏)

Chinese Font Mod. 中文支持(加强版)字体:华文新魏,其他字体:黑体基于kaoyu大佬的Chinese中文支持改进而来。 特色:1、字库更丰富,包含约6000+汉字,不再像Chinese那样到处是空格了!2、中英混合文本不会像LMU字体那样出现文字重叠现象!3、控制台功能完美,按上键调出上一次指令后不会像Chinese那样不可编辑!


Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet. Sometimes ya just want a damn egg! --------- Birdhouse--------It's not just a decorative structure.When birds make their home in it,they will soon begin to lay eggs! ---------Mod

Warfarin: The Tricky Thief

Years ago, a moody teenager cobbled together a character mod that did fairly well up until it completely broke. Now, that teenager is back as a responsible adult with a 9-5 job to bring you... Warfarin: The Tricky Thief Stats:

Wisteria the Herbalist

Meet Wisteria the Herbalist! --- After much planning and many attempts at scripting and creating the sprite sheet, here is the fruit of my labor. It's a simple mod, but hopefully an enjoyable one. -She takes a 1.5 increase to


Loving father. Caring husband. Secret octopus. Second character mod I've got for you. This time, it's Octodad, from Octodad: Dadliest Catch! If you're eager to play that game, this will bring a smile to your face :3 - 100 Health,


Adds a period of Dawn after Night. Dusk is halved in time. Subscribe and then enable in the Mods menu in-game. Included is also a golden butterfly that very rarely appears during dawn. Kill or catch it to find something. Download

Fast Travel [DS]

Descriptionthe original author in DST is Isosurface.Build a fast travel network and travel instantly from sign post to sign post. Introduction 1. pop sign dialog when homesign is built.2. pop destination select dialog when right

Character – Wilton

This mod adds and unlocks Wilton as a playable character. Wilton is very brittle, but he will not starve. He has another trick up his sleeve, though. Or lack thereof. **************************************************Has a whopping 35

Creeps in the Deeps

Need to chill down in the summer? Wanna do some snorkeling? Fancy some fresh fish for dinner? The mod “Creeps in the Deeps” introduces another level to the current world of DS: the Underwater! With new craftables, items and life