Dont Starve Together Mods


Drops Reset Countdown

This is a simple mod that adds a collapsible Countdown Timer modal box to the Main Screen (and optionally to the Gameplay HUD). The timer will countdown to when Daily & Weekly Skin Drops reset. All times are automatically adjusted to

Bee Nice

Bees no longer attack you when harvesting their honey while wearing the Beekeeper Hat. An upgraded version of the original Bee Nice mod for Don't Starve, made by =|:3 This mod only modifies the harvest behavior of the Beebox and

Pickle It DST

Pickle your foods to make them last longer! Pickle Barrel:- Allows pickling of food- Craftable on the Science Machine in the Food tab- Takes 1.5 days to fully pickle food- Currently pickles: beet, berries, cabbage, carrot, corn,

Smart Minisign

Create a minisign when building the treasurechest.(can't be removed unless the treasurechest is burning or has been removed) When closed, draw the first item it saw .(excluding mod) Download Now

Korean Language Pack Ver.Client

Mode DescriptionDon't Starve Together Korean(Hangul) client version mod.The existing Korean(Hangul) mod was changed to the server version and it was created due to the client version requirement.(I created this mod because I can't change

Repair Combine

With this mod you can repair your equipment with the same equipment. So you can combine a logsuit with 10% and a logsuit with 30% to a logsuit with 40%! Download Now

Quick Drop Client Version

Hold Shift to be able to right click on an item to drop it! (Hold CTRL at the same time and it will drop a single item from a stack)Thanks to Mister L for whipping up a mod icon for me while my image editor was broken. Download Now

Increase Storage

Increase the slot-number of containers such as backpacks, chests, bundles and even Chester. All values are configurable.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Configuration

Hollow Knight

The Vessel character mod Adds Hollow Knight to the game Stats:Health:100Hunger:150Sanity:100 Perks:Faster: 115% speedGains 1/3 sanity per hitAdded Nail + UpgradesAdded 7 charms + recipes for each (New ingredient, Charm Notch, is

Shipwrecked Characters

The characters from Shipwrecked ported over to Don't Starve Together!With DST assets and speech strings!This port is strictly for the characters and their items. Download Now

45 Inventory Slots

Increases the number of inventory slots to 45. #Don't use this mod with other mods that increase your inventory.#If this mod crash your game, pls give me a crash screenshot or client_log.txt file