Dont Starve Together Mods


Wormhole Icons [Fixed]

Fully functional with or without movement prediction. Cave support added. Config Options Option to choose new or old map iconsDisplay numbers on wormhole map iconsAdd coloring to wormholes in world(World coloring will only match

Gorge Crops!

This mod adds the crops from the Gorge into the regular game! All craftables are in the farm tab. *New*Regular crops now farmable on the soil but they will grow at the basic farm rate not at the improved farm rate. Made the


Introduce:Double deck refrigerator effect:Upper 9 compartment, with ordinary refrigerator preservation effect.Lower 3 compartment, with permanent preservation effect.Formula: sapphire *2+ gear, *2+ electrical component, *1Production: under

Wormhole icons

Have bad memory? Don't use wormholes since you always forget which leads where? Like colorful map icons? Then this mod is for you. What this mod doesIt adds minimap icons for linked wormholes. To change their icon from the default one

The Scout

The Scout from Team Fortress 2 for Don't Starve Together!Now you can bash in some skulls in Don't Starve! With custom voice lines based off of what Scout says in-game written by me! Including a custom Boston Boom-Bringer Voice! And a


July 31st the character has been revamped. Please read patch notes. The kid who fell from a huge hole now enters another one. Now you venture in a whole new environment! Frisk enters the Don't Starve Together Universe!Frisk and Chara

Minimap HUD Customizable (EN & RUS)

Adds a minimap to the HUD with more customizable and more controlable configuration options in game mode are added. I think that this MOD is very complex to understand and to use it.When more customizing is unnecessary, you must use

Minimap HUD

Adds a minimap to the interface. The minimap can be configured completely for you; for example, approximate or postpone using special buttons (according to the standard - the mouse wheel); Also it can be moved by dragging.To close the

DST Resurrection Shelter

How it works. If you are a ghost haunt the bones under the shelter to be resurrected. The shelter has a nightlight that turns on at night, so if you are resurrected in the dark. The light is tight so you can't wonder around and

Finder DST

Highlights nearby containers that contain necessary items. Helps to manage storages of two and more chests and other containers without burden to search items manually or remember them. Download Now


Adds Coach from Left 4 Dead 2 in Don't Starve Together! -Uses custom trumpet sounds from Left 4 Dead 2 as speech-Scripted dialogue events for enemy kills, ghost revival and l4d item usage-Recieves better stats from cooked foods