Dont Starve Together Mods


Sollyz Character [DST]

Version 1.1(For Don't Starve Together (Beta) SollyzThe Cat Slap!"I love Haruz as well as I love those fish!" *eat fish level up (max30)*have fishing rod*run faster when morning lv1 >> lv30health 100 >>220hunger 150

Dusk and Night Music DST

This is a client-only mod, meaning you can use it on any server. This mod adds music tracks for dusk and night for each season. Also, you can configure whether you want music to play continuously or only when working. This is a

Wisp, Wynter & Wei: DST!

WISP: the Stray -Health - 75Hunger - 100 (drains somewhat slowly)Sanity - 175 (drains slow at night)She's a fighter and has the attack speed and damage to show for it! She will eat only meat, but can eat monster meat no prob. She can only

[DST] Musha

Puppy Princess Musha(The "DST" version and the "SINGLE" versions are different!) MUSHA With fighting and eating You can gain levels. Level up faster with better food and tougher enemies.Various special abilities and increased basic

[DST] Storeroom

Slots Count - 80, 60, 40, 20Craft80 slots:• Easy - 11 Cut Stone, 4 Marble, 11 Boards• Normal - 20 Cut Stone, 4 Marble, 20 Boards• Hard - 30 Cut Stone, 10 Marble, 30 Boards 60 slots:• Easy - 8 Cut Stone, 3 Marble, 8 Boards• Normal - 15