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Food (Together)

Island Adventures

This mod is in developement. Some inconveniences and errors are to be expected!Embark on a journey across the ocean together, off shore from the mainland and out in search of exotic materials! Island Adventures brings the seas of Don't


G10MM-3R is a drone version of Glommer. Design inspired by Drones from Slime Rancher.It can:- Pick up various inventory items (uncooked food and resources),- Pick resources like Grass, Saplings, Berries, etc. It will store all its

DST Fish Farm

The Fish Farm is a self sustaining food source. While exploring one day,Wilson came across what looked to be an old wash tub.Upon closer inspection he discovers that bees had built their hive on it.So Wilson the honey lover that he

DST Advanced Farming

The Advanced Farm is an agricultural breakthrough! Craftable under the FOOD TAB Easy recipe = 3 Boards, 3 Silk and 1 Rope. No Machine Required. Normal recipe = 3 Boards, 3 Silk , 2 Rope and 10 poop.. Use a Science Machine..

Display Food Values

This mod displays what food and healing items have what hunger, health, sanity values (including rotting). It will work for items in inventory, backpack or in containers. --------------------------------- Controls information:For

Smarter Crock Pot DST

Do you find yourself confused over the many recipes the crock pot offers?Do you need to check online before cooking? This mod alters to Crock Pot to show you what you're going to cook,without cooking it, saving you the time and from

Craft Pot [DST]

Client mod that adds intuitive cook assisting interface to crock pot. Doesn't matter what server you join, modded crock pots, modded recipes, this mod serves them all on a plate and helps you cook whatever your heart desires by