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Environment (Together)

Mineable Gems

Server side mode (only). Tag: "mineable gems"Configurable. Gives boulders a chance to drop gems. -----Uses proper API style. New updates of the game won't affect the mod (99.999%). Maximum compatibility with any other existing and

Multi Rocks DST

More rocksMake the mines have more duration, more mines for players.Let boulders pick longer.Avoid boulders depletion. Download Now

[DST] WhaRang

* (DS to DST) MOD Scale down. <!> Excluded: Pets, Wall, Skills, etc.* This mod is not complete. If experience frequent errors or crashes, stop using them. Check for Change Notes Subscribe to Single version Version 1.4


Build your own basement, hide inside to avoid danger, store food to preserve it, and never forget to take a light source to find a way out in the endless darkness. The default basement crafting recipe can be prototyped with an Alchemy

Campfire Respawn

Allows you to respawn, when you haunt campfires.Works the same way as the Jury-Rigged Portal. Affects:*Campfire*Firepit*Endothermic Fire*Endothermic Fire PitOnly works in Endless and Survival mode.Version 1.3 Download Now

Archery Mod [DST Version]

-= =-This mod focuses on bringing more ranged weapons to Don't Starve Together! It also features custom sound & player animations! It also can be configured to your liking as well with many options! Currently these are the item

More Actions

Add actions:1. Jump.2. Jump over certain obstacles.3. Shove.4. Push.5. Hide (in a tree).6. Take refuge.7. Search.(Mouseover and right click) Change:8. Heal (animation change). Description1. Jump anywhere (see instruction). The

Wisp, Wynter & Wei: DST!

WISP: the Stray -Health - 75Hunger - 100 (drains somewhat slowly)Sanity - 175 (drains slow at night)She's a fighter and has the attack speed and damage to show for it! She will eat only meat, but can eat monster meat no prob. She can only

[DST] Musha

Puppy Princess Musha(The "DST" version and the "SINGLE" versions are different!) MUSHA With fighting and eating You can gain levels. Level up faster with better food and tougher enemies.Various special abilities and increased basic