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Building (Together)

Furniture Megapack

enjoy base building? have a ton of extra materials lying around and nothing to do with it? maybe you just like turning every game you play into animal crossing? hoo boy do I have the mod for you. introducing character-inspired


Best friend in the aquarium.(This is a port of this mod). - Wait for rain to fill it up.- Catch the fish in a pond.- Can breed, if eats seeds (up to 3 fishes).- Can produce roe, if eats meats (from time to time).- Water has a very

Gorge Crops!

This mod adds the crops from the Gorge into the regular game! All craftables are in the farm tab. *New*Regular crops now farmable on the soil but they will grow at the basic farm rate not at the improved farm rate. Made the


Introduce:Double deck refrigerator effect:Upper 9 compartment, with ordinary refrigerator preservation effect.Lower 3 compartment, with permanent preservation effect.Formula: sapphire *2+ gear, *2+ electrical component, *1Production: under

DST Resurrection Shelter

How it works. If you are a ghost haunt the bones under the shelter to be resurrected. The shelter has a nightlight that turns on at night, so if you are resurrected in the dark. The light is tight so you can't wonder around and

Wall Gates [DST]

This mod is abandoned as of today, I wont be updating this or any other DST mods, if anyone wants to grab it then you are free to do so, just give me credits for the mod.This item will be deleted at the start of the next month.

Smart Minisign

Create a minisign when building the treasurechest.(can't be removed unless the treasurechest is burning or has been removed) When closed, draw the first item it saw .(excluding mod) Download Now

DST In Wilson’s House

Wilson now has his very own Mud Hut.The hound attacks have slowedand Wilson has made the choice to use the resources around him to build himself,well a Mud Hut. Working just like the tent,The Mud Hut is craftable under the Structures Tab.

Super Wall DST

Additional walls, auto doors, fence and fence gate are added to the game. (Can be found in structure tab. Standalone. No conflict with original walls) They do NOT have to be INVINCIBLE now! A "health" option is added in configuration.After