Dont Starve Together Mods


Whandler, the Digital Artist

*THE STATS* Health- 150 Hunger- 150 Sanity- 200 PERKS -Loves rain Whandler gets a sanity boost and a skip in his step (25% speed boost) when it rains. It's still important to keep dry, though! -Special Item -

PartyHUD – Team Health Display

A DST mod that displays the health status of other players. -Should be compatible with the default configurations of Squeek's Minimap Hud and SoilWorker/Rezcib's Combined Status huds. Special shout outs to Muche and DarkXero on the

Fire resurrection

Should be compatiable with various item ownership mods so you can only rez at your own fires if you use them. Allows you to ressurect yourself as a ghost when you haunt the various firesWorks in modes where you can rez at the portal.

Korean Language Pack Ver.Server

모드 설명굶지마 함께해(굶지마 투게더, 음차 : 돈스타브 투게더, 원명 : Don't Starve Together) 한글모드 서버 버전입니다. 개인적인 관심에 의해 번역된 한글 언어팩 모드 입니다.개발사에서 투게더에만 제공된 아시아권 폰트를 이용해서 제작했습니다.다시말해 별도의 폰트 추가 없이, 게임내 기본 폰트만을 이용합니다. 알림업데이트로 모드 방식이(클라이언트 모드 -> 서버모드)

Special Events

Version: 19.01.24 "Let there be special event!" Admins can apply special events after the world is generated.This mod will send the following two commands for you:

Wall Gates [DST]

This mod is abandoned as of today, I wont be updating this or any other DST mods, if anyone wants to grab it then you are free to do so, just give me credits for the mod.This item will be deleted at the start of the next month.

Gorge Extender

Adds timer that shows how long are you playing, meal counter which shows how many meals you've snackrifised, talker widget that shows what Mumsy says, meal reminder, and widget that shows how many time you have left, salt and sap timers

Drops Reset Countdown

This is a simple mod that adds a collapsible Countdown Timer modal box to the Main Screen (and optionally to the Gameplay HUD). The timer will countdown to when Daily & Weekly Skin Drops reset. All times are automatically adjusted to

Bee Nice

Bees no longer attack you when harvesting their honey while wearing the Beekeeper Hat. An upgraded version of the original Bee Nice mod for Don't Starve, made by =|:3 This mod only modifies the harvest behavior of the Beebox and

Pickle It DST

Pickle your foods to make them last longer! Pickle Barrel:- Allows pickling of food- Craftable on the Science Machine in the Food tab- Takes 1.5 days to fully pickle food- Currently pickles: beet, berries, cabbage, carrot, corn,

Smart Minisign

Create a minisign when building the treasurechest.(can't be removed unless the treasurechest is burning or has been removed) When closed, draw the first item it saw .(excluding mod) Download Now