Dont Starve Together Mods


Feast and Famine

A collection of content and gameplay tweaks, designed to make playing with your food oh-so enjoyable. • Fancy seeds• Seasonal crops• Monster eggs• Much ado about honey• Chickens!• Pasta and Fish Jerky ...and so much more to come.


Re-live the Reaping of the Gnaw in the brand new Re-Gorge-itated mod! (With new Re-imagined gamemodes and perks for added Re-playability!) Play how you like! Either with the original 3-player default set-up, or add some spice to the

Furniture Megapack

enjoy base building? have a ton of extra materials lying around and nothing to do with it? maybe you just like turning every game you play into animal crossing? hoo boy do I have the mod for you. introducing character-inspired


Best friend in the aquarium.(This is a port of this mod). - Wait for rain to fill it up.- Catch the fish in a pond.- Can breed, if eats seeds (up to 3 fishes).- Can produce roe, if eats meats (from time to time).- Water has a very

[Onmyoji]Teruterubozu~The sunny fairy

--【Character】--····"It's a fine day today~" The child is the fairy of the sunshine.She is very afield of rainy weather.She can use her doll to heal nearby allies.She brought a new plant:the sunflower

Koalefants’ Family DST

This mod adds interesting mechanic to the game. Every time when you find Koalefant, you wish to kill him for meat, trunk or keep him as a pet in the base. This mod will reward you if you won't kill him, beacuse every koalefant can now

Wormhole Icons [Fixed]

Fully functional with or without movement prediction. Cave support added. Config Options Option to choose new or old map iconsDisplay numbers on wormhole map iconsAdd coloring to wormholes in world(World coloring will only match

Gorge Crops!

This mod adds the crops from the Gorge into the regular game! All craftables are in the farm tab. *New*Regular crops now farmable on the soil but they will grow at the basic farm rate not at the improved farm rate. Made the


Introduce:Double deck refrigerator effect:Upper 9 compartment, with ordinary refrigerator preservation effect.Lower 3 compartment, with permanent preservation effect.Formula: sapphire *2+ gear, *2+ electrical component, *1Production: under