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Marble Bean

Hey guys are you looking for more marble? Well it's normal marble is a god, marble is life, marble is everything!Anyway this mod brings the marble bean from Don't Starve Together to make marble renewable for Don't Starve Ship Wrecked,

Moar Save Slots

"Got any more of them... save game slots?!" We got "Ton's Moar"! (default 100 // configurable from 5 - 500) "Ton" on Steam asked for even moar than the original 50 max save game slots from my previous version, so... This mod

Minimap HUD Customizable

Adds a minimap to the HUD with more customizable and more controlable configuration options in game mode are added. I think that this MOD is very complex to understand and to use it.When more customizing is unnecessary, you must use

Quick Pick

SW & RoG COMPATIBLE! It makes almost everything pick quickly, including berrysbush, grass, sapling, limpet, seeweed and so on. Download Now

Chocolate +

DESCRIPTIONTired of taffy and honey, ice cream if you are lucky? Ladies and gentlemen - here it comes! I give you.. The Chocolate + ! This mod adds Chocolate to the game as well as cacao trees, raw/roasted cacao fruits, hocolate milk,

Stackable Equipments

This mod will allow your equipments to stack up. Options:Stack size: set max stack size for your equipments (default: 10)Drop whole stack: drop whole stack when your weapon are slippery. (default: true) NOTE: Holding CTRL key to

Farming For Light

The Power Of Nature! Farm the Cave Flowers. Eat the Cave Flower's bulb and take on the power of light Fuel your lantern or Monkey Skull Lantern with the Cave Flower's bulb Note: Update 2.0 Shipwrecked compatible. You can

Tiny Alchemy Powers

I would like to introduce you to Tiny Alchemy Powers mod to Don't Starve. Mod allows to transmute some stuff into other forms. ALCHEMY TABLE Change items to new forms. Needs to be fueled with nightmarefuel.Burnable from

Steam Biome: Forgotten Forge

I want to introduce a mod that evolved from a part of Tiny Alchemy Powers. Most mod is new level and biome located in the ruins. But you will notice a change on the surface, especially if you use Steam Biome