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Item (Shipwrecked)

Magic Bottle Lanterns

Features:- Custom art- Custom animations- Custom strings for all base and DLC characters- Base, RoG and SW compatible- High cost magical-tier items- Automatically lights up/active at dusk, turns off for the day- Permanent light, no fuel

Stackable Equipments

This mod will allow your equipments to stack up. Options:Stack size: set max stack size for your equipments (default: 10)Drop whole stack: drop whole stack when your weapon are slippery. (default: true) NOTE: Holding CTRL key to

金箍棒(Golden Cudgel)

金箍棒(Golden Cudgel) 大圣爷捅破天的棍子!The weapon of Chinese Monkey King. 如意金箍棒:The Golden Cudgel: 攻击力是普通长矛的三倍;The damage is three times the pear; 攻击距离比普通长矛远很多;Attacking range is much further than the pear; 可砍树、可挖矿、可砸墙、可捕虫;Be able

Tiny Alchemy Powers

I would like to introduce you to Tiny Alchemy Powers mod to Don't Starve. Mod allows to transmute some stuff into other forms. ALCHEMY TABLE Change items to new forms. Needs to be fueled with nightmarefuel.Burnable from

Koalefanta Proboscidea

This mod gives you 6 more new Koalefants you can discover in your lands by following their footprints.Each of them are different in appearance and in personality.These koalefants are stronger in health and give you less meat when killed,


绘画:阿平(小羊背包和木头房子还有食物来自另一个mod 画师:小五 微博:小五怎么不开心) 人设: 温开水(大佬辛苦了,给大佬递温开水) 代码:划水的小班花 人物(Character): 维纳斯 (Venus) 一个精灵妹纸(Elf Girl) 三维(Stats):150 hunger(饱食度) 220 sanity(心智) 100 health(健康) 高智商(Smart):心智高 自带魔法一本 (high

[DST->DS]Too Many Items

This MOD is modified by the DST version of Too Many Items (author: Skull) and is open source following the original MOD using the GPL3 protocol. That is, you can modify and redistribute the mod without my consent, but the GPL3


make something 尊重版权,请勿抄袭! ps:由于本人写了一下午代码,因此不想在这写英文了需要英文的请自行翻译喜欢的小伙伴记得点个赞~ 允许制作一些特殊物品本次加入可制作的物品有以下几个:齿轮,海象牙,电羊角,活木,牛角,海象帽,铥矿碎片荧光果,发光浆果,蜘蛛巢,胡须,触手皮,狗牙,骨片兔毛,食人花种子,鳞片,小偷背包 物品在精炼栏可制造其中,海象帽在衣物栏制造小偷背包在生存栏制造活木在魔法栏制造


EMERALDSEmeralds always glow, and they are very durable (more than thulecite). You can create 3 different items using this material.If you want to get them, you need to go cave, ruins and/or magma biome and find emerald rocks. These rocks

Additional Item Package

survived Blood packaging: therapeutic supplies made from "mosquito bags" Weapon Popcorn Gun: Ranged Weapon Fish Sword: Perishable Melee Weapon Bees: spawn once every 5 o'clock. (The Shadow Bee has 1