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Creature (Shipwrecked)

Koalefanta Proboscidea

This mod gives you 6 more new Koalefants you can discover in your lands by following their footprints.Each of them are different in appearance and in personality.These koalefants are stronger in health and give you less meat when killed,

Auto Tooth Trap

When that mod is activated the tooth trap will automatically reset 3 secondes after hitting a target so the player won't have to do it himself. * What are the options?- I will make an option which deal with the delay before auto

Up and Away

Compatible with Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Hamlet. Compatiblity has been tested with Update 317411. Up and Away is compatible with most mods. ------------------------------------------------------- Up and Away is a DLC-esque

Steam & Punk

It is recommended to use this mod with Steam Biome mod! Both SteamPunk Mod and SteamBiome mod are made in similar concept and some parts of this mod work different when you have SteamBiome mod enabled such us: Item recipes, gear

My Pets

DLC must be turned on!!!!! ( Reign_of_Giants or Shipwrecked or Hamelet ) 1.4 Update:Pets can travel the world with you , too! 1.1.5 Update:Added winter skins Download Now

Hero in the Dark

ROG and SW compatible . This mod will incorporate traditional fantasy elements and lore while retaining the artistic style and the survive or die elements of Don't Starve. A large focus of the lore and design of the mod will be from

Wisp, the Stray; also Wynter and Wei

Rog and Shipwrecked Compatible . WISP: the Stray -Health - 75Hunger - 100 (drains somewhat slowly)Sanity - 175 (drains slow at night)She's a fighter and has the attack speed and damage to show for it! She will eat only meat, but can eat

Puppy Princess Musha

Infomation key: Status (L) - Skill (K) - Hold visual (P)Order to Yamche: Follow (Right click or X), Battle (Z), Gather (B), Grow up (X)Active Skills: Valkyrie (V),

Myth Words-神话书说

Compatible with Shipwrecked, Hamlet and RoG. Click here to see the features of the mode : Download Now