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Character (Shipwrecked)

The Spy

The Spy from Team Fortress 2 for Don't Starve!Now you can be an enthusiast of sharp suits and even sharper knives in Don't Starve! With custom voice lines based off of what Spy says in game written by me! Including Shipwrecked


绘画:阿平(小羊背包和木头房子还有食物来自另一个mod 画师:小五 微博:小五怎么不开心) 人设: 温开水(大佬辛苦了,给大佬递温开水) 代码:划水的小班花 人物(Character): 维纳斯 (Venus) 一个精灵妹纸(Elf Girl) 三维(Stats):150 hunger(饱食度) 220 sanity(心智) 100 health(健康) 高智商(Smart):心智高 自带魔法一本 (high

Player Stats

Shipwrecked compatible. RoG compatible Ever wanted to change your favorite character's hunger,health or sanity stats?Well with this mod you can change any standard issue DS, RoG or SW character's stats.Wx78 is not included ,because I


Dragonmaid Toru 1.Have an useful tail2.Eat meat only3.Good at fighting hunger 150 san 120 health 200 basic attack = wathgrithr Anger system Decrease with timeIncreased by attack and attackedThe higher the anger, the higher

The Engineer

The Engineer from Team Fortress 2 for Don't Starve!Now you can bring some gun to Don't Starve! With custom voice lines based off of what Engie says in-game written by me!Compatible with the base game and all 3 DLCs (Rog, Sw,

Red Lycoris(support DS)

IntroductionRed Lycoris damage 75% ,passive ability: when join the combat ,she will release the flowersea every four seconds.candlestick: summon the black butterfly and provide magic damagesymbolpaper: absorb damage,support capacity and

[SW]Totooria Helmold

Stats: Initial is fragile, 150 hungry, 200 sanity, 75 healthDamage = Wendy———————————————————————————————————————————— Can Read ———————————————————————————————————————————— LevelUP:Must levelup when eat Coral Brain Eat

Up and Away

Compatible with Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Hamlet. Compatiblity has been tested with Update 317411. Up and Away is compatible with most mods. ------------------------------------------------------- Up and Away is a DLC-esque


Compatible with Hamlet!!!!!!!兼容哈姆雷特!!!!!!! This is a character mod based on INORI, made by 蠢汪.This is my first mod,INORI is my favorite anime character in Guilty CrownThis mod compatible Rog and Sw and HamI am a Chinese,my English is


Carney is on her triphas flexible combat skillswalking and eating fish make her upgrade,no upper limitcan craft useful hat,dagger and backpack——Even I died,the Death can't stop me from upgrading ————————————————————————————————————