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Building (Shipwrecked)

Miniature Tipi

DESCRIPTION:A more permanent solution to using the Siesta Lean-to. Due it is being only useful during Summer and Autumn, I tuned the ingredients required and benefits gained from it. However this can be adjusted in the configurations.

Spider Cage

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet. Wilson is going through Silk at an alarming rate these day.So he plans to suit up and go after a Spider Queen! He aims to build himself a Silk Farm aka Spider Cage.If successful Wilson will be


Save your items inside the safe . Can't be destroyed by mobs (required 20 hits by hammer).Can't burn.Krampus can't steal items from the safe. Fully animated.Compatible with all (SW, RoG, vanilla) Download Now

Magic Bottle Lanterns

Features:- Custom art- Custom animations- Custom strings for all base and DLC characters- Base, RoG and SW compatible- High cost magical-tier items- Automatically lights up/active at dusk, turns off for the day- Permanent light, no fuel

Always On Tiki Torch

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet Craftable under the light tab! It takes 3 wood & 1 dung to make. ----------------With the Always On Tiki Torch------------------ You can light up an area.Cook.Build your sanity.

Tiny Alchemy Powers

I would like to introduce you to Tiny Alchemy Powers mod to Don't Starve. Mod allows to transmute some stuff into other forms. ALCHEMY TABLE Change items to new forms. Needs to be fueled with nightmarefuel.Burnable from

Wilson’s House

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet. Wilson now has his very own Mud Hut.The hound attacks have slowedand Wilson has made the choice to use the resources around him to build himselfwell a Mud Hut. The Mud Hut is craftable under

Additional Structures

DESCRIPTION:It basically adds a few things I found was lacking in the base game. I was initially going to release them separately but realized how much of a chore it would be to update and download so I decided to add them all together.


All items stackable stack to 99. SW and RoG compatible. It's a shelter. It ls 100% rain proof in SW Not 100% rain proof in RoG 100% shaded The little shelter will help out! Recipe tab Structures. Note, if you make

Vegetable Garden

Hey there, after getting a little bored I decided to get back into some modding for Don't Starve. But for a very shot period of time, don't expect me to get in all my other mods.In the past weeks someone called Benzoquinone made a great

Lil Houses

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet. Wilson now has his very own Lil Houses. -----------------------Note----------------------- I have split the two Lil Houses apart so all can enjoy them.If you don't have any DLCs you can