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Starfire Spellblade

This mod brings Kayle’s sword from League of Legends into Don’t Starve! This sword includes-Leveling up-Custom sounds-Melee to Ranged-Infinite Durability To become ranged, you will need to kill enough enemies to become level 6,...


Base Capsule(基地胶囊)

· Image Change· Add Factory CapsuleAfter the mod is enabled, “base capsule” and “base mapper” will be added to the tech recipe tab.Click the capsule to useGiving the capsule to the mapper will show...


Auto Stack and Pick Up

This mod gives you MANY settings for automatically stacking or picking up newly spawned and manually dropped stackable items. By ‘automatically stacking’ I mean that if an item is spawned (e.g., loot from monsters...


Hamlet & Shipwrecked

Play SW, Hamlet and ROG, all in the same world. The maps uses the default seasons on the world they are played, if you wanna change the seasons use Seasons Changer Maps 3in1 ROG Map...


Sollyz 2.0

compatible DLC:RoG.SW.Hamlet————————————————*Now you can enable or disable the upgrade sound in the mod configuration.*Now you can choose the detail level of the upgrade information in mod configuration.————————————————The Slap Cat !*eat fish level up (max...

[ROG/SW/HM][Arknights]赫默Silence 0


—【新增项目】—[生命之地™便携式野营套装]使用后主动进入睡眠状态,疲劳值下降速率是被动睡眠的两倍可以使用芦苇纸填充恢复耐久,每张25%–“白面鸮好像很失望我没有选择另一套附带三顶帐篷的大型家用套装……” [十连寻访凭证]仿制罗德岛寻访凭证制作的纸质卡片,在这个世界的规则中具备了奇怪的力量右键种植,召唤罗德岛干员入职包,每次开启随机获得不同照明效果可以使用芦苇纸填充恢复耐久,每张10%–“……幸好我不用担心莱茵生命的老同事们会从这个包里钻出来。”


Cat Lotus Seeds

建造属于你的莲花池1.必须开启兼容哈姆雷特[猪镇]!需要 炼金引擎 [科学二本] 。2.可以在海难、猪镇中的 食物栏、建造栏 制作睡莲和睡莲叶。3.睡莲和原版的生长周期一模一样。4.睡莲可以使用锤子摧毁,给予三个睡莲花;睡莲叶可以用火药类道具摧毁,返还制作材料的一半。5.这主要为了建筑党玩家可以在海难中建设美丽的莲花池,同时对于长期在猪镇居住的强迫症玩家来说,可以清理荷花塘中的睡莲叶。6.注:制作的睡莲叶大小是随机的,所以制作材料比较低。