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Reign Of Giants


Base and RoG compatible By request Birds in a cage now drop two fruit\veggie seeds when you feed them fruit\veggies.The birds also have a 50% chance to drop a normal seed along with any fruit\veggie seeds. Have fun! As always

Combat Info Plus

Shows detailed combat info .if you are not in Rog or SW,please choose default color!if you are not in Rog or SW,please choose default color! You can check1.prefab2.health3.atk4.atk range5.atk period6.speed7.sanity8.left following

Bee Queen

This mode brings the Bee Queen from Don't Starve Together a New Reign DLC for ShipWrecked, Reign of Giant and Vanilla After around 20 days a beehive will try to split(credits to mouse for his mode Realistic Beehive) and the new

patch FR – Reign of Giants

Traduit les textes du jeu en français. Les accents circonflexes ne sont pas supportés. Venez nous rendre visite sur notre site Don't Starve FR : # Reign of Giants # MAJ 23/01/2015 :

Greenhouse Supplies

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet.But made with Hamlet in mind.We always want what we can't have ,but that's not the case with DS.If this mod gets traction I'll add more stuff to it. Some that I already use all the time.DST

Animal Variety

Gives a little colour variety to various mobs in the game. Some are subtle, some are more obviously different. This change is purely cosmetic. Technical Thank you aquaterion for a lot of help with optimising the coding of this

Miniature Tipi

DESCRIPTION:A more permanent solution to using the Siesta Lean-to. Due it is being only useful during Summer and Autumn, I tuned the ingredients required and benefits gained from it. However this can be adjusted in the configurations.

Craft from chest [ROG/SW/Hamlet]

This mod helps you craft items directly when you are near the chests, no need to manually check chests anymore. Controller Supported!SW Compatible! (Sea Yard fixed!)Hamlet Compatible!If you experience any bug, please report in the

Spider Cage

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet. Wilson is going through Silk at an alarming rate these day.So he plans to suit up and go after a Spider Queen! He aims to build himself a Silk Farm aka Spider Cage.If successful Wilson will be