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Character (ROG)

Sollyz 2.0

compatible DLC:RoG.SW.Hamlet------------------------------------------------*Now you can enable or disable the upgrade sound in the mod configuration.*Now you can choose the detail level of the upgrade information in mod


---【新增项目】---使用后主动进入睡眠状态,疲劳值下降速率是被动睡眠的两倍可以使用芦苇纸填充恢复耐久,每张25%--“白面鸮好像很失望我没有选择另一套附带三顶帐篷的大型家用套装……” 仿制罗德岛寻访凭证制作的纸质卡片,在这个世界的规则中具备了奇怪的力量右键种植,召唤罗德岛干员入职包,每次开启随机获得不同照明效果可以使用芦苇纸填充恢复耐久,每张10%--“……幸好我不用担心莱茵生命的老同事们会从这个包里钻出来。” Download Now

Gaben the PC Master Race Lord

Story:Gaben, tired of receiving emails about the number 3 decided to retire to this world."If a three is mentioned and no one is around to hear it, does it exist?" - Gabe Character Stats:-Steam Ban-Hammer! - This is the mighty hammer

Saber (Fate series) (Fixed)

I take no credit for most of the work, I simply fixed some crashing issues and simplified the controls for it, and fixed some broken talents (Saber Alter having invincibility, for example.) You'll begin with 4 swords - Press the C

Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) v1.1 - Balanced some stats, loses sanity easier and you can now freeze.v1.2 - Machete redrawn and can be used as an axe as well as a weapon.v1.3 - Balancing. 350 HP250 Hunger (burns slowly)50 Sanity

Yakumo Yukari Beta v11 (Hamlet Support)

StatsShe has an own ability Youkai Power; an energy required to use her skills.Power will be gathered constantly. Health : 80(400)Hunger : 150(250)Hunger Rate : 1.5(0.5)Sanity : 75(300)Power : 75(400)Bracket is final value. Other

The Spy

The Spy from Team Fortress 2 for Don't Starve!Now you can be an enthusiast of sharp suits and even sharper knives in Don't Starve! With custom voice lines based off of what Spy says in game written by me! Including Shipwrecked


绘画:阿平(小羊背包和木头房子还有食物来自另一个mod 画师:小五 微博:小五怎么不开心) 人设: 温开水(大佬辛苦了,给大佬递温开水) 代码:划水的小班花 人物(Character): 维纳斯 (Venus) 一个精灵妹纸(Elf Girl) 三维(Stats):150 hunger(饱食度) 220 sanity(心智) 100 health(健康) 高智商(Smart):心智高 自带魔法一本 (high

Player Stats

Shipwrecked compatible. RoG compatible Ever wanted to change your favorite character's hunger,health or sanity stats?Well with this mod you can change any standard issue DS, RoG or SW character's stats.Wx78 is not included ,because I

The Nightmare

The Creature Of The Night -The Nightmare Health - 100Food - 170Sanity - 200 Starts with 2 nightmare fuel Perks:1) Night Vision - Is able to see at night 2) Sanity swap - Nightmare loses sanity slowly during the day but gains


Dragonmaid Toru 1.Have an useful tail2.Eat meat only3.Good at fighting hunger 150 san 120 health 200 basic attack = wathgrithr Anger system Decrease with timeIncreased by attack and attackedThe higher the anger, the higher