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Reign Of Giants

Save Equipment Slots

Saves the inventory slots of equipment items and makes sure they always return to their saved slot.If a saved slot is occupied items will be rearranged automatically to make space. Compatibility Don't StarveReign of


This is a mod which can tell you the time,and it is a timer. 1.Tells you when the Hounds will attack.2.Tells you when the Crocodog will attack.3.Tells you when the Vampirebat will attack.4.Tells you when the volcano will erupt.5.Tells


Intelligent lamp Functional features: 1. Need TECH.SCIENCE_TWO, making materials for four logs, a transistor, a lantern.Empty bottles are used instead of lanterns in the shipwreck. 2. The lamp are automatically lit in the dark

Better Abigail

Tired of your favorite pet ghost getting stomped by Giants? Want to show them what it means to go up against death incarnated known as Abigail!Then this mod is for you, you can easily set Day/Dusk/Night damage of Abigail as well as her

Gaben the PC Master Race Lord

Story:Gaben, tired of receiving emails about the number 3 decided to retire to this world."If a three is mentioned and no one is around to hear it, does it exist?" - Gabe Character Stats:-Steam Ban-Hammer! - This is the mighty hammer

Polish Language Pack

Polski jezyk dla Don't Starve (podstawa), RoG w trakcie pracyZapraszam do testowania, na biezaco bede aktualizowal milego grania po polsku :D v1.6*dodane elementy z RoGv1.5*poprawa polskich znakowv1.3*dodane Don't Starve RoG w

Good ol Chester

Base and RoG compatible This mod lets Chester show his love for you. Chester lights up when you come running up to him and lights out when you run away. Works with Normal, Snow and Shadow Chesters. You can change the light

Chester Choice

Mod adds three new forms of Chester. You wanted to have a choice? Here he is. From version 1.4 Chester change it's form just like Packim Baggins (you don't have to wait for the full moon)NEW CHESTER FORMSVampire Chester: Chester


Base and RoG compatible By request Birds in a cage now drop two fruit\veggie seeds when you feed them fruit\veggies.The birds also have a 50% chance to drop a normal seed along with any fruit\veggie seeds. Have fun! As always

Combat Info Plus

Shows detailed combat info .if you are not in Rog or SW,please choose default color!if you are not in Rog or SW,please choose default color! You can check1.prefab2.health3.atk4.atk range5.atk period6.speed7.sanity8.left following