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Dont Starve Hamlet Mods

Pickle’s First Person Mod

See the world in true First-Person! Move the camera with the mouse and navigate inventory with the scroll wheel.-Switch back to normal camera view at any time from the pause menu, or with Ctrl-Q! Play Don't Starve the way it was never

Backpack and Amulet Slots

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet. Adds a backpack and amulet slot to the game Note: if your game is crashing,disable small textures in game settings.This worked for me. Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are

My Pets

DLC must be turned on!!!!! ( Reign_of_Giants or Shipwrecked or Hamelet ) 1.4 Update:Pets can travel the world with you , too! 1.1.5 Update:Added winter skins Download Now

Advanced Farming

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet. The Advanced Farm is an agricultural breakthrough! ---------------Advanced Farm---------------- Has wither protection.Has a faster growth rate.Allows crop growth in cold winter

Map Revealer

It's a very simple mod revealing the entire map in the game, regardless of the level at which we find ourselves. Despite the simplicity makes it easy modding or just makes the game a lot easier. RoG and Shipwrecked and Hamlet

Storm Cellar

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet --------------The Storm Cellar--------------- Is a massive storage hole with 80 slots.Is fireproof.Can't be destroyed by giants.Can be hammered down. Is craftable under the Structures


Don't Starve Together Version is here : Slots Count - 80, 60, 40, 20Craft for 80 slots:• Easy - 11 Cut Stone, 4 Marble (SW - 1 Limestone), 11 Boards• Normal - 20 Cut Stone, 4 Marble (SW - 5 Limestone), 20 Boards• Hard - 30 Cut Stone,

[T] Action Queue Plus

The enhanced version of Action Queue Note: Don't pick up Evil Flowers、Spiky Bush、CactusDon't pick up The bird in the cageSupport action CookFelling, mining...Automatic pick up fallen resourcesSupport Mod:ScytheSupport PLANT for