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Automate gathering resources!--- ---G10MM-3R is a drone version of Glommer. Design inspired by Drones from Slime Rancher.It can:- Pick up various inventory items (uncooked food and resources),- Pick resources like Grass, Saplings,

Quick Work 快速打工

1.Trading with The Pigking became faster, One second to trade a set of small toys.2.Trading with birds became faster, Change 40 eggs a second with the bird.3.【HAM】The blond women Peel can quickly Clippings trading into Oincs.4.【HAM】The

Dragon knight V1.584

After a year , The Dragon Knight Mod release and meet you at lastThank you for your always support, thank you : D-------------------------------------------------------------The MOD content:1. Add characters Wendell, thank Ryanhurt

Simple Health Bar

Health value can be hidden too. Position: Bottom: under the bottom of characterOverhead: over head of characterOverhead2: health value is inside the healthbar Color: Dynamic: change with health percentage.Dynamic_dark:

Omni Info Panel

An omnipotent information panel that shows all the details you need for any object in the game! Compatible with vanilla DS, Rog, Shipwrecked and Hamlet!Compatible with controller! This mod is a part of my Legendary Weapon Mod.


The first option in-game are the coice between 30~60 item bars. The second one, are the coice between 3 or 5 slots (amulets, backpacks). *If you put the FIRST option to the LEFT position, you will have 60 slots. *If you put the

Super Wall

Super WallThis mod includes the following additional tool and walls: tools tab structure tab

Up and Away

Compatible with Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Hamlet. Compatiblity has been tested with Update 317411. Up and Away is compatible with most mods. ------------------------------------------------------- Up and Away is a DLC-esque

Pickle’s First Person Mod

See the world in true First-Person! Move the camera with the mouse and navigate inventory with the scroll wheel.-Switch back to normal camera view at any time from the pause menu, or with Ctrl-Q! Play Don't Starve the way it was never

Backpack and Amulet Slots

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet. Adds a backpack and amulet slot to the game Note: if your game is crashing,disable small textures in game settings.This worked for me. Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are