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Dont Starve Hamlet Mods

Mermhouses Crafting [Updated] [BETA]

Finally...crafting an ice maker in non-Shipwrecked worlds! ♡ Support us by dropping a like and adding it into your favourite! Most content of the mod are taken from the game and are edited with minimal departure from the original

Machine Range Check

Greetings I'm not a owner of this modOriginal mod: just add addition for another machinesHope you Enjoyed Download Now

Pig Traders Map Icons

Adds minimap icons for all the pig traders, so you don't have to run around town searching for the ones you need.If the "Mark Availability" option is enabled in the mod configuration then it will also mark the icons of traders who will

DS Code Patch [DS/RoG/SW/HAM]

Bug fixes, general QoL, and some miscellaneous opt-in features." I originally started making this mod for myself after figuring with how busy Klei has been with DST and other games, it would be a long time before they would patch DS

Auto Stack and Pick Up

This mod gives you MANY settings for automatically stacking or picking up newly spawned and manually dropped stackable items. By 'automatically stacking' I mean that if an item is spawned (e.g., loot from monsters or workables, like

Hamlet & Shipwrecked

Play SW, Hamlet and ROG, all in the same world. The maps uses the default seasons on the world they are played, if you wanna change the seasons use Seasons Changer Maps 3in1 ROG Map3in1 SW Map3in1 Hamlet Map Requisites


Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet. Sometimes ya just want a damn egg! --------- Birdhouse--------It's not just a decorative structure.When birds make their home in it,they will soon begin to lay eggs! ---------Mod

Sollyz 2.0

compatible DLC:RoG.SW.Hamlet------------------------------------------------*Now you can enable or disable the upgrade sound in the mod configuration.*Now you can choose the detail level of the upgrade information in mod


---【新增项目】---使用后主动进入睡眠状态,疲劳值下降速率是被动睡眠的两倍可以使用芦苇纸填充恢复耐久,每张25%--“白面鸮好像很失望我没有选择另一套附带三顶帐篷的大型家用套装……” 仿制罗德岛寻访凭证制作的纸质卡片,在这个世界的规则中具备了奇怪的力量右键种植,召唤罗德岛干员入职包,每次开启随机获得不同照明效果可以使用芦苇纸填充恢复耐久,每张10%--“……幸好我不用担心莱茵生命的老同事们会从这个包里钻出来。” Download Now


Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet Deep freeze all your food cooked or raw, and collect ice! This item doesn't effect the icebox. Food never spoils. -------------Directions-------------- 1 Start the game and slect