Carney is on her trip
has flexible combat skills
walking and eating fish make her upgrade,no upper limit
can craft useful hat,dagger and backpack
——Even I died,the Death can’t stop me from upgrading


Initial Stats:

Hungry,Sanity and Health are all 100,speed is 1.25 times faster than Wilson
Stats can increase with the level
Susceptible to cold, and so hurt when attacked


Upgrade with no upper limit:Use experience value to upgrade
Press”J” to check level and experience value

When she is walking,she can get some experience value
Killing monster can get the same experience value as monster’s health
Eating fish get 1000 experience value and get extra sanity recovery(20)

Experience value’s upper limit can increase with the level
Upgrade to increase stats
And affect skills,in addition,recovery much health(20%)


Active Skills:——DODGING – press “R”Press it after a little moment will jump and be in an invincible state, offset all the damage
Press it after a little moment will have a very short acceleration effect, can be used for extreme running
DODGING costs you nothing
Character’s level will affect the invincible time

——CHARGING – press “Z”Charge the equipment in your hand
Increases the attack power of the next attack with a certain percentage
In the state of CHARGING can be consumed under the state of consumption and costs 5 Hungry
Charge state will also issue a small range of light
The character level will affect the damage rate of CHARGING

——Icicle / Blasting – press “C”Generate an icicle on the ground and consume 15 points of hunger
The creatures within the icicle range will slow down
And the range of food will return to fresh!
Press C again to start the blasting at the icicle position
Damage to the creatures in the range, the more creatures in the range, the higher the damage
Injury can be “Charge” skills bonus
The character level will affect the blasting damage

Passive skill:——collectThe higher the character level, the easier it is to acquire more collections at harvest time (picking grass, picking flowers, etc.)
Each additional 35 can get more than one collection
The higher the character level, the easier it is to get more drops when you kill
The probability of grade / 100, grade more than 100, the fixed double drop


Exclusive manufacturing:——White Berets

Born with self, back to the brain every minute +3, warm 120, durable and the same as the walrus hat
Can be upgraded with a walrus hat, after the upgrade back to the brain increased to +9 per minute, and full of durability
Recipe: 2 bunny puff +6 silk

——Breeze Dagger

Speed ??increase of 25%, attack power 27, with faster attack speed
Attack has a 20% chance to cause double damage crit
Can be used to cut trees, cut trees do not consume durable
With gold charge, every 5 gold to increase the attack power of 1 point, each gold increased by 5 points
The higher the number of filling, the higher the efficiency of cutting trees
In close to 100 gold when the cut tree efficiency can reach 1 under a tree
– just charge me the money is dalao
Can be unlimited charge
Recipe: 1 walrus tusk +1 dragon scales + 2 moon rock

——Nylon Backpack

Armstrong Cyclone Accelerated Reinforced Inner Frame Waterproof Armstrong Backpack
Large capacity 14 grid (thief package capacity)
Cold 240 (show me value), rain 20%
Recipe: 1 thick fur +2 steel wool +8 silk

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