Birds and Berries and Trees and Flowers for Friends

This mod adds apple trees, pineapple flowers, and green/blue berry bushes to Don’t Starve. It also adds green/blue berries, pineapples, and regular apples, as well as apple pie and a pineapple medley.

Apple pie – 1 Apple + 1 Bird Egg + 1 Honey + Filler (Will warm you up for ~20 seconds)

Pineapple Medley – 1 Pineapple + 2 Ice + Filler (Will cool you down for ~20 seconds)

The apples can be planted to create new apple trees, and the pineapple flower’s dug up and replanted.

There are also 6 new types of bird, bringing the total to 9.

All art for the apple trees, pineapple flowers, and related items and dishes as well as the Nightpie, Toucan, and Dirtybird are done by steam user Krampus.

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