Better Abigail

Tired of your favorite pet ghost getting stomped by Giants? Want to show them what it means to go up against death incarnated known as Abigail!
Then this mod is for you, you can easily set Day/Dusk/Night damage of Abigail as well as her HP.

– Able to change Abigails HP in a Range from 50 to 5000 HP
– Able to separately change Abigails Day/Dusk/Night damage per second from 5 to 500
– Slightly faster passive regeneration of Abigail based on (1 + FLOOR(MAXHP/600))
– No matter the max HP set Abigail will still fully heal up in 9-10 minutes
– Change the running speed of Abigail from 50-200%
– Add additional regeneration to Abigail from 0-100 HP/s
– Set Abigails AoE to a radius ranging from 1-20 fields

Update Version 1.3.1:
– Fixed a spelling error in the mod screen

Update Version 1.3:
– Added feature to change the AoE radius of Abigail
– Added feature to add additional HP regeneration to Abigail
– Added feature to change the running speed of Abigail
– Renamed Mod to “Better Abigail”

Update Version 1.2:
– Fixed a bug in vanilla Don’t Starve which could lead to a crash when Abigail tried to move

Update Version 1.1:
– Fixed a bug which got Abigail stuck on water in the Shipwrecked DLC
– Fixed a bug which made Abigail not follow the player and had her wander around aimlessly

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