Bee Queen

This mode brings the Bee Queen from Don’t Starve Together a New Reign DLC for ShipWrecked, Reign of Giant and Vanilla

After around 20 days a beehive will try to split(credits to mouse for his mode Realistic Beehive) and the new created beehive will have 20% of chances to be a giant bee hive.

Here it works like in DST you must hit it with your hammer, each hit will have 20% of chance to spawn honeycomb and 50% for honey. After a 5 hits the beequeen will come out and attack you, she has 3000 health and deal 120 damages to mobs and 90 to player, each 25 secondes if she is not sleeping or frozen she will try to spawn bees(normal, killer and guards). She is aggressive and will attack everything which is not a bee or an insect and if she is attacked other bees and bee queen in range will come for help. When killed she will drop 8 honey, 3 honey comb, 1 stinger and 1~3 mini beehives and maybe 1 hivehat. I didn’t manage yet to extract all her sounds so she will use some the spider queen too.

When finding a new target the bee queen can now order to all bees around to help her.
The bee guards are now present to protect her, they have 100 health and deal 10 damages and when the bee queen is giving the focus order they will rush at their target.

A new item has been added the mini beehive, when used it will give to the player 4 health, 3 sanity and 5 hunger per second and that for a delay of 10 seconds which mean 40 health, 30 sanity and 50 hunger per use. That item can be used 5 times and a beehive sound will be heard when activated, only one mini beehive can be activated at the same time and you can’t active it again until the 10 seconds of healing are done.

The beequeen has 50% of chance to drop a hive hat when killed.
– It can be used for 1 full day.
– When used some beeguards around will protect and follow the player.
– If no beeguards are around some will spawn from far distance and get to the player position with time with a maximum of 6.
– When the players is attacked there are chances for the beeguards to use their speed boost.
– When used all kind of bees will be passive to the player.
– If removed in front of the beeguards they will attack the player.

The bee queen is originaly from DST, all the credits go to the don’t starve team and mouse for his code.

/!\ This mode will conflic with Realistic Beehive!

* What are the options?
– You can change the delay before beehive try to spit.
– You can change the chances of the gigantic beehive to spawn.
– You decide if beehive can spawn other beehive or not.

* Spawn names
– giantbeehive
– beequeen
– beeguard
– minibeehive
– hivehat

* Coming in the future
– beequeen dropping honey on floor to slow players.

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