Base Capsule(基地胶囊)

· Image Change
· Add Factory Capsule
After the mod is enabled, “base capsule” and “base mapper” will be added to the tech recipe tab.
Click the capsule to use
Giving the capsule to the mapper will show the range

【Craft】Set construction difficulty
【Structs】Set up a capsule building base or farm
Both: After using the blue capsule, you will get another green capsule
Home: Can produce blue capsules, blue capsule generation base
Farm: Can produce green capsules, green capsule generation farm
Divide: Can produce two capsules, blue capsule generation base, green capsule generation farm
【Capsule Type】Set capsule type
Original (Please use another capsule outside the capsule range)
NineBlock (Please use another capsule outside the capsule range)
Clover (Please use two capsules in the same place)
Ocean (Please use two capsules in the same place, please use it in SW)
【Factory】Can set whether to enable factory capsules
【Factory Type】Can set factory capsule type
Carrot (Be Careful)
Fish: in SW
Butter: in SW (Be Careful)
Snake: in SW
【Language】Set Language
————-If you have a problem that enable this mod and Item Skin ————-
delete or move two files

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