【Character feature】

  • Leader: Can read books (but can’t write).
  • Caster: Can attack with magic missile, but will ■■■ if without a Limiter.
  • Mental absorbing: When attacking or killing an enemy, recover some SP (skill point).


  • Tactical Spelling:
  • SP:30 CD:30 Duration:30s
  • Slightly improve character’s attack power.
  • Psychic Flare
  • SP:30 CD:2 Duration:0
  • Produce a few magic missiles to attack direction.
  • Chimera
  • SP:120 CD:120 Duration:40s
  • Greatly improve character’s combat power, but take some negative effect after the skill ends.
  • All skills needs to be unlocked by reading skill book.

【Shared Items】

  • Newsgirl’s Crepe
  • A dandelion taste food.
  • Can be used as a hammer or a weapon.
  • Will not cause chain hate wen used as a weapon.
  • Drop bright dandelion fluff while in equipment.
  • Make in “Tools” menu.
  • *Ten-consecutive Draw Lottery (paraphrased)
  • Portable land light.
  • Click for switch, right click for pick up.
  • Random effect for every switch on.
  • Make in “Science” menu.
  • *Manufacturing Plant
  • Have 2 slots to put model item.
  • Produce a same item as it everyday.
  • List of available is in discussions.
  • Make in “Science” menu.

【Source Material】

  • *Artificial Jades
  • Drop by monsters.
  • *Pure Originium
  • Drop in supply, make in “Refine” menu
  • *Reverse Alcohol
  • Drop by monsters and natural objects.
  • HAKUBA Alcohol
  • Make in “Refine” menu
  • Trihydrate Manganese Catalyzer
  • Make in “Refine” menu
  • Polymerization Agent
  • Make in “Refine” menu
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