Best friend in the aquarium.
(This is a port of this mod).

– Wait for rain to fill it up.
– Catch the fish in a pond.
– Can breed, if eats seeds (up to 3 fishes).
– Can produce roe, if eats meats (from time to time).
– Water has a very little sanity aura. More fishes – more aura.
– Frozen in winter.
– Unfrozen in winter near a fire.

– Birds and pigmans love roe.
– Roe will perish in 0.5 days.
– Roe includes 0.5 units of meat and 0.5 units of fish for Crock Pot. Also it includes 1 unit of seafood (this is compatibility with Waiter 101).

Recipe for Crock Pot: 1 roe + 1 egg. (And no sweeteners!)

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