Additional Structures

DESCRIPTION:It basically adds a few things I found was lacking in the base game. I was initially going to release them separately but realized how much of a chore it would be to update and download so I decided to add them all together. Keeping them in a single mod makes me able to keep focus on further polishing the mod.

The structures added are pretty much self-explanatory. Some may expand on what is already included in the base game (such as additional storage slots) and some may add new features.

Drew and animated it myself and tailored it to fit in with the Don’t Starve drawing style.


Requires: Alchemy Engine
Tab: Structure
– 2 Board
– 2 Gord’s Knot
– 1 Shovel

3×3 Storage (9 slots)
Immune to fire
Indestructible (can only be destroyed when opened)
It can only store the following items:
Log, Rock, Cut Grass, Boards, Cutstone, Rope, Twigs and Flint
If Shipwrecked is installed it can shall also store the following items:
Bamboo, Coral, Cloth, Limestone, Vine, Sand and Palm Leaf

Wooden Crate

Requires: Alchemy Engine
Tab: Structure
– 6 Boards
– 2 Rope

4×4 Storage (16 slots)

Metal Crate

Requires: Alchemy Engine
Tab: Structure
– 1 Cutstone
– 1 Gear
– 1 Frazzled Wire

2×2 Storage (4 slots)
Immune to fire

Trash Can

Requires: Science Machine
Tab: Structure
– 4 Cutstone

1×4 Storage (4 slots)
It will delete items contained in it only when the “Destroy” button is pressed
It will not accept character-specific items and irreplaceable-tagged items

Charcoal Pit

Requires: Science Machine
Tab: Structure
– 2 Cutstone
– 8 Charcoal
– 12 Rocks

Converts Logs and Living Logs into Charcoal
– Based on the Ice Maker 3000 from Shipwrecked
Has a 80% chance to also produce Ash
– Has an additional 40% to also produce an additional Ash
Immune to fire
Not immune to flooding (Shipwrecked)

Ice Chest

Requires: Alchemy Engine
Tab: Food
– 2 Cutstone
– 2 Gears
– 2 Frazzled Wires

4×4 Storage (12 slots)
Slows food spoilage by 75%
– Compared to the Ice Box which slows food spoilage by 50%

Compost Box

Requires: Science Machine
Tab: Food
– 20 Rot
– 2 Boards

2×2 Storage (4 slots)
Increases spoilage rate by 300%
Will explode when set on fire (same as Gunpowder)
Drains 25 Sanity per minute when near

COMPATIBILITY:– Incompatible with mods which modify the spoilage rate (perishable.lua) of all food items (not specific ones)
– Compatible with Shipwrecked and/or Reign of Giants
– Incompatible with vanilla
– If you plan to play vanilla, you must disable this mod completely as it effects the perishable.lua file

CONFIGURATION:– Structures that require trinkets can have their recipes switched for Shipwrecked worlds
– Individual structure recipes can be enabled/disabled

SIDENOTE:– Any additional structures that I have in mind will be added to this mod instead of making a new one for each
– Mods that show the spoilage rate do not show the modified spoilage rate of items in the Ice Chest and Compost Box

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