Additional Item Package


Blood packaging: therapeutic supplies made from “mosquito bags”


Popcorn Gun: Ranged Weapon

Fish Sword: Perishable Melee Weapon

Bees: spawn once every 5 o’clock. (The Shadow Bee has 1 horsepower and the damage is half of the normal bee. Duration: 10s)


Horse head: Increases movement speed by 25% when changing.

Happy hat. Can restore reason.

Blue Glasses: Reduces the damage of Shadow Monsters


Incinerator: burn everything to ashes


White Moon Grey: Luminous, you can also get honey close to the recovery temperature

Black Moon Grey: A statue that can be worn on the body, and it will shine on the ground.

Baijiang Bean: Cute chess piece: 4*4 refrigerator

Heijiang Bean: Cute Chess Piece: Give the gold a 5 point spirit every time, close to the temperature, and make a gasp, if there is no gasping. There is a certain probability that there will be golden rain (50 gold) in the sky. If the gold comes up, it will be returned to you if you receive it (run to the gold drop position), otherwise it will break, try your reaction ability.

White observer: range of blood return

Black observer: Scope back to san






Thanks for Translation Volunteer: FreyaMaluk, Mr.MagVI, Diegora, Fluxx

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