Action Queue(DST)

I do update it for the DST.Client only mod.Allows queueing a sequence of actions (such as chopping, mining, etc.) by selecting targets within a bounding box, holding SHIFT.
If after doing the select, the character loop in one action. Move character and retry.

Difference between the DS version:
support action cook in fire
support action plant seeds in farm
support action addfuel
action harvest not get bird
action shave not shave player
support auto plant
support auto collect after chop mine….need to change the mod config
support auto repeat make by shift + click the recipe.(can be disable by the config)

this mod can not work if enable No More Lag mod when you are not the host.
Maybe it works without movement prediction now.Thanks rezecib’s help.
Change Log:
Fix Bug: when enable the Global Positions mod.This mod can not correctly stop the action queue thread by player press mouse or key.
Fix Bug:action shave not work
Update:Improve preformance in client
Fix Bug:fix a crash problem
Add support for auto plant,include acorn berrybush berrybush2 sapling grass marsh_bush trap_teeth wall… by shift + right click when holding to plant item in plant will start from left top to right.
Add auto repeat make.

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