45 Inventory Slots

Increases the number of inventory slots to 45.

#Don’t use this mod with other mods that increase your inventory.
#If this mod crash your game, pls give me a crash screenshot or client_log.txt file (Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta(or just DoNotStarveTogether)\client_log.txt)

v1.4.1 : Now supports at max 3 more extra equip slots (compass/archery/medicine)
v1.4 : Now supports extra compass slot (enable this option in mod setting)
v1.3 : Added option to change inventory size (15/25/45)
v1.2.2 : Bug fixed.
v1.2.1 : Temporarily disabled new feature, need more work.
v1.2 : Added option to allow/not allow backpack to be stored in inventory.
v1.1 : Added Inspect Self button.

Credits goes to the authors of “More Inventory” and “RPG HUD” mods.

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